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GlobeSurfer III

The GlobeSurfer III from Option isn't widely known in North America, but this is by far one of the best devices for any home.  Let's ignore the fact that it's a 3G router and start with the basics.  It can replace your familiar home router (Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, or whatever you use) to function as your router for the Internet.  It has a built in firewall to protect you from all the nasties on the Internet.  It has Dynamic DNS capabilities so you can host a server from the Internet. In addition, it functions as a VPN server, which is a little unusual for a home router.

This wonderful little package also has built in WiFi (only 802.11b/g but that still pretty good).  It has a DHCP server.  It has printer server capability, so just plug in your USB printer and away you go.  The USB port can also be used to plug in a USB hard drive instead, and then function as a file server.

But now let's get back to the 3G portion, where things get really cool.  Plug in a SIM card with data, and you can use 3G for your Internet connection.  If you have both DSL and 3G, you can setup the GlobeSurfer to use both (in a primary/backup setup).  So who cares if your DSL or cable service is down, you've still got 3G!  Does your 3G SIM have a voice plan too?  Then just plug your home phone into the GlobeSurfer and use it as your phone service as well!  You can even use the GlobeSurfer's web GUI to send SMS.

So with everything above, you could technically ditch the land-based Internet connection and phone line and merge it all into the GlobeSurfer.

If you have even more advanced needs, the GlobeSurfer will do routing protocols.  Not just RIP,  but OSPF and BGP?!?  Wow!

In Canada I was able to procure one of these units for $370CDN. Your price may vary, but considering what this little device can do, it's a lot of value in a very portable unit.  It should work with pretty much any cellular provider, but you'll have to double check.  (I've successfully tested it on the Rogers network in Canada, and another Canadian cellular provider...)