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Last year (2008) was not the greatest year for riding, due to all the rain.  Not that bad weather has ever stopped me.  Since there was only one Friday the 13th in 2008, which was in June, I decided I would finally get to Port Dover.  Rather than doing the smart thing and take the day off work, I decided only at the very last minute to go after work.  It had been threatening to rain all day, but the ride down to Dover was good.  It was a thrill, seeing all those motorcycles in one place and all the different riders.  Everyone there takes pride in being a biker and being themselves, so you see a lot of uncommon things.  Some of the pictures I took are the in photo gallery.  Unfortunately, it was only about a half hour before the downpour started.  Realizing full well that this wasn't going to stop soon, I hopped back on my VTX and headed for home.  What a ride!  At one point my boots were so full I could literally take them off my feet and pour water out of them.

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