What's the best way to lose weight?  In my experience you need two things: knowledge and determination.  Both can be hard to come by in the world of exercise and health.  There is so much information out there, some good and some bad.  Even if you can identify all the good information, there is still way to much of it to incorporate everything.  So you really need to determine your priorities and focus on gathering information regarding that.

As for me, I've had success losing weight in many different ways.  There was the time I was training for the CN Tower stair climb and I would do an hour on the elliptical every day, and in two weeks I had lost 10 pounds.  Then there was the time I was doing work on a basement for a week, and with all the physical activity I lost 10 pounds.  These are both good examples of weight loss through exercise, since I did not make any changes to my diet.  There was also the time I cut out drinking Coke and I lost 5 pounds doing that.  Unfortunately what happens is that I don't exercise constantly, so the pounds creep back on over a year or two.  Since the weight gain is so slow, I obviously don't massively over eat compared to my activity level. So the goal here is to lose the weight and make sure to keep up with the regular exercise to maintain the weight.

So my plan is to repeat history regarding my weight loss when I was training for the CN Tower.  Keep in mind, I only need to lose about 10 to 15 pounds, since I'm in pretty good shape to begin with. I'm at 186.6 (weight in the morning) with 18.7% body fat.  I have one of those BMI scales that tells you all sorts of interesting things.  Another useful fact is that the scale reports I need 3000 calories a day to maintain my body weight.  When I was hitting the elliptical every day I was burning 900 calories in an hour.  That's almost a third of my daily caloric intake.  So why don't we say my goal should be to burn 1/3 of my dailying intake of calories, so 1000 calories a day. 

I have an elliptical, a treadmill and a stationary bike that I can use.  I find the elliptical the most fun to use, but it seems to be a problem now.  My quad muscles in my legs have actually gotten too strong compared to the rest of the muscles in my legs, and it's causing knee issues.  So I have to skip the elliptical.  The treadmill is still good, but running is a horrible thing to do to your body.  It's a lot of tramua over time, and you don't actually burn that many calories in comparison to an elliptical or bike...So bike it is!

So the plan is to do at least 1000 calories every night on the bike (or morning) and see the results over a 2 week period.  While we all put off exercise, make a concerted effort for a bit and then get into a regular exercise routine that's less intensive but keeps off the pounds.  I'll keep you updated about my progress.

Day 1 - March 21st
Initial weight is 186.2 pounds with 18.7% body fat (34.8 pounds of fat!!!)  At least there is lots of room for improvement.  :)

Day 2 - March 22nd

This morning I am 185.2 pounds, with 18.4% body fat (34.1 pounds of fat!).  My water content is 55.8%.  Exercise yesterday was difficult since it was the first day, but I made some good progress.  In the evening I did 546 calories on the stationary bike, before I had to attend to other matters.  It made sense that I didn't do a full 1000, since it was the first day...better to ramp up.

Day 3 - March 23rd

Down a bit more: 184.4 pounds with 17.7% body fat (32.6 pounds of fat).  That's pretty decent again but lets see if it can be maintained.  Water content is 56.4%.  Hit my exercise target for yesterday, although not all at once.  I did 390 calories in the morning and worked up a good sweat.  Time dictated that I could only do that much, so I figured I'd get the rest in the evening.  I did 612 calories in the evening so that puts me at my target.  Also, forgot to mention that every few minutes I get off the bike and do 10 leg curls at 35 pounds per rep.  This is an attempt to help balance my muscles and hopefully get rid of my knee problems.